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Whistler Schedule for 2019

As Chicago Movieoke continues its fantastic relationship with the Whistler, we are going to change the schedule for Movieoke nights there a little bit. Starting with the Wednesday, March 1, 2017 event, we will have Movieoke events on the first Wednesday of every *quarter* of the year. This will make the Movieoke nights more of a major seasonal event, and it will give the us more time to bring in newer scenes. Plus, we’ll also continue the grab bag events and even include prizes to boot! So, starting with March, the next Movieoke events at the Whistler in 2017 will be on the following dates:

March 1
June 7
September 6
December 6 (9th Anniversary! WHAAAT?!)

We’ll keep you updated on further scheduled Movieoke events both in the Whistler and around the city!

Chicago Movieoke

February 27th, 2019

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